If you’ve had life-drawing class on your bucket list, it’s time to tick it off – and we’re heading straight for the good stuff!

No vases of flowers or fruit bowls here, we’re going to teach you the skills necessary for life drawing with a real-life male model. Yep!

Love your dog? Wanna capture their furry likeness in a portrait made by your own hand and with love?

Join us in our “Date With Your Dog” painting class where our talented instructors will show you how to do your doggo justice with a paintbrush.

As always, we’ll talk you through the process and show you how step-by-step, as well as supplying you with all of the necessary materials. We just need you and your dog! (a photo is also great)

Did you know that we’re not just about painting? We also run a dedicated series of art classes driven by the motto “art made easy”. 

Covering everything from life drawing (with models, not fruit), to papiermâché – and lots of fun, creative endeavours in between. Our aim is to show you how to make cool stuff, teach you some new creative skills (step-by-step), and prove once and  for all that art is easy – everyone can do it!


Our Story

Paint for Fun are a young, innovative and exciting company that has made it a personal mission to make art accessible to all of you Melbourne peeps.

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