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Support your remote employees’ well-being by igniting their creative thinking

When working remotely, stress levels may escalate as employees feel isolated like never before. It impairs their ability to come up with innovative ideas and adapt to change.

Our virtual team building workshops boost their resilience and problem-solving abilities to handle rapidly changing business environments. 

Make your remote team members feel connected, engaged, appreciated, and happier while working from home.

Paint for Fun's sister company, Dya Australia, is an industry leader in providing experiential and discovery workshops for developing the 'Art of Creative Thinking' model. This unique model challenges automatic thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression.

Practicing the Art of Creative Thinking in daily life opens the door to original creation, promotes personal empowerment and inspires participants to take an idea from thought to reality. 

Dya offers a new way to help resolve daily challenges in our ever-changing modern landscape. A fresh perspective that places at its heart motivating principles such as uncompromising quality, invention and original creation.

Benefits of Virtual Team Building Sessions

Remote work poses additional challenges for employees. Feelings of isolation and disconnection start to creep in, which may lead to team conflict, reduced productivity or job dissatisfaction.

Now more than ever, employees crave a mental break and a creative challenge to re-engage with their colleagues and their work.


Boost remote employee morale

Elevate their problem-solving abilities and boost their sense of belonging

Show your team you care about their well-being

Keep teams connected when they can’t physically be together

Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness

Expand employees’ horizons and revitalise their creativity

Dya’s Online Team Building Workshops

We are bringing creation back into the workday to increase productivity, creativity and improve organisational culture. Along with Paint for Fun’s sister company, Dya Australia, we have designed the following affordable online workshops that will leave your team feeling rewarded, supported and socially engaged.

Paint your Colleague – Team Building Workshop

Reconnecting your team in a fun and creative way has never been easier! Inspire your team members – anywhere in Australia – to envision their colleagues from a fresh perspective:

– Two-hour painting workshop via Zoom

– Full painting kit delivered to all participants Australia wide

– They will secretly paint one of their colleagues for the surprising reveal at the end

Enjoy a unique social event and have a laugh together while working from home.

Paint and Sip Workshop

Paint & Sip Workshop

– LIVE interactive class where your team can paint, drink and chat. 

– Learn to paint alongside a professional artist and end up with an artwork made by them.

Paint & Sip Kit Delivered

– Acrylic kit (canvas, easel, paints and brushes)

– Watercolour kit (pad, paints, frame and brushes)

– $15 voucher for liquor delivery

Art Well-Being Training

Art Well-Being Training

Encourage your team to challenge and nurture their creative spirit and expand their ability to contribute productively to the workplace environment

We create an enjoyable, challenging and judgement-free environment that will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, and your daily routine.

.Our series of creative workshops focus on creating 2-D and 3-D art

Return to work with a fresh, open mind primed to finding creative solutions to ever-changing and unexpected work challenges


Art Well-Being Home Kit

– 30×40 cm canvas with easel

– Set of brushes

– Set of both acrylic and watercolour paints

– Painting palette

– A4 watercolour book

– 190g sketch and draw set

– Insperational postcards of famous artworks 


Join hundreds of companies that got creative with Dya

Join the increasing number of companies that are shifting their team building activities online to help their teams stay engaged with each other and their work.

We can’t wait to hear your virtual team building success stories!