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Support your employees’ well-being by igniting their creative thinking. Onsite and online bookings available. 

At Dya Australia, Paint for Fun's sister company, we offer experiential discovery workshops for developing the Art of Creative Thinking™.

Bringing original creation back into the workday to increase productivity, creativity and improve organisational culture.

Our team building workshops, either online or onsite, boost employee's resilience and problem-solving abilities to handle rapidly changing business environments. 

Paint for Fun's sister company, Dya Australia™, is an industry leader in providing experiential and discovery workshops for developing the 'Art of Creative Thinking™' model. This unique model challenges automatic thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression.

Practicing the Art of Creative Thinking™ in daily life opens the door to original creation, promotes personal empowerment and inspires participants to take an idea from thought to reality. 

Dya offers a new way to help resolve daily challenges in our ever-changing modern landscape. A fresh perspective that places at its heart motivating principles such as uncompromising quality, invention and original creation.

Benefits of Creative Team Building Sessions


Boost employee morale

Elevate their problem-solving abilities and boost their sense of belonging

Show your team you care about their well-being

Keep teams connected, engaged and motivated 

Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness

Expand employees’ horizons and revitalise their creativity

Dya’s Creative Art Training Sessions

Along with Paint for Fun’s sister company, Dya Australia, we have designed the following experiential workshops that will leave your team feeling rewarded, supported and creatively challenged.

Paint and Sip Team Building Sessions

Want something different for your team building activity this year?

Ditch the boring functions and cliché activities. We’re here to bring you the most amazing, creative option for your event.

  • Planning and setup are flexible and hassle-free
  • No art experience needed
  • All materials provided
  • A professional artist gives step-by-step instructions
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere

– Virtual Sessions (Australia wide)

– Onsite Sessions – we come to you! (Victoria Only)

– Studio sessions – come to our studio in Port Melbourne!


Paint your Colleague – Team Building Workshop

Reconnecting your team in a fun and creative way has never been easier! Inspire your team members – anywhere in Australia – to envision their colleagues from a fresh perspective. 

Choose a colleague you want to become better acquainted with and we will teach you to draw their portrait from a fresh perspective.

– Virtual Sessions (Australia Wide)

– Onsite Sessions: in our Port Melbourne studio or at your offices (Victoria Only)


Creative Art Training Sessions

Encourage your team to challenge and nurture their creative spirit and expand their ability to contribute productively to the workplace environment.

We create an enjoyable, challenging and judgement-free environment that will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, and your daily routine.

Our series of creative workshops focus on creating 2-D and 3-D art.

– Virtual Sessions (Australia Wide)

– Onsite Sessions: in our Port Melbourne studio or at your offices (Victoria Only)


Collective Team Mural

A fun and fascinating gym of curiosity and creativity for the eyes, brain and hands 

The courage to choose dare and share! 

In this workshop we will overcome the challenge of sharing limited time and space to create a collaborative work of art that will continue to echo positively in future relationships within the organisation. 

  • Learn to resolve conflicts and achieve a win-win outcome 
  •  Improve your ability to work and create together as a team 
  •  Shake off routine and get to know work colleagues from a new angle.
  •  This project can be exhibited in your workspace as a permanent display

– Onsite Sessions: in our Port Melbourne studio or your offices (Victoria Only)


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