Valentine’s Day In Melbourne

Try something new together, come paint each other!

Click play and see the couples reveal their masterpieces  & how they see each other .

On Feb 14 we are having our best selling event : Paint your partner
3 events at different venues on the 1 night! One of the events is already sold out and others are selling FAST as well.
We will have many couples coming along to paint each other while having a glass of white wine or cold beer ,
They will have no experience in painting,
No expectations of themselves ,
And they won’t need to bring anything to the event (we provide everything) except a big smile!
Expect to have lots of fun and laughter
because trust us..
It’s going to be so much fun!!
The look on your partner’s face when you reveal your masterpiece to him is going to be priceless!
So if this sounds appealing to you
and you enjoy trying new things with your other half then go for it!
It’s a no brainer because who cares about flowers and expensive restaurants you can do something different and come & paint each other plus have alcohol and snacks too...


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