Don’t let your hens be a cliché: go for an event with your gal pals that’s creative, fun, memorable, and guaranteed to be cringe-factor free.

That said, if you’re interested in painting something a bit cheeky or involving the male form, do let us know: art and an appreciation of the body go way back!

By unleashing your team’s creative spirit, you’ll be creating an environment where people can bond and be inspired, both of which make for great team dynamics and motivation back at the office.

Given that each participant will leave with their own masterpiece, a social painting class is also the perfect way to reward team members with something they’ll be able to reflect upon fondly.

Creating something with your pals or family is a unique unifying experience, and, let’s face it, it’s way more interesting than canapés.

Pick from our broad range of subjects and class themes, and have your group create individual masterpieces that will keep you front of mind way after the class pulls up stumps.


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