The Dya Art of Creative Thinking Model challenges automatic-thinking patterns to encourage authentic personal and social expression. 

Modern life is undergoing a period of rapid change which challenges us to observe and adapt to its ever-changing landscape.

With this in mind, we have created experiential and immersive workshops that inspire participants to discover and observe through invention and original creation.

Paint for Fun by Dya Australia is a young and electrifying sister company that’s on a mission to make art accessible, open and fun for all.

Running public events, Hen’s and family celebrations. 

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We hold events all month long at various venues, restaurants and studios around the city (such as Malvern East, Doncaster, Forest Hill, Port Melbourne, Richmond, St. Kilda and more…)

We use a variety of paints (including acrylic and watercolour) and art materials – but don’t worry! We provide you with everything you will need, just show up with your buddies or be ready to make some new pals while having a blast!

And at the end of class, you get to take home your own unique masterpiece.

Revi Chai
  • Revi came to Australia in her 30’s and has a 8 years old daughter (you can see her sometimes in posts and videos, train them while they’re young…)
  • She’s an approved children’s educator and holds a diploma in After School Care (to be continued…)
  • Revi studied Set and Costume Design in London and was also Fashion Window Designer for 8 years
  • She 50% deaf (and hates wearing her hearing aids – so speak up!)
Alison Singleton

  • Her Mum taught her to paint age 9 
  • Alison wrote paintings books of her own flower’s design and enjoyed travel teaching that all over the world!
  • She has been working for hospitality for decades, her costumer service is superb
  • Recently fell in love with watercolour but love mixing all media’s in together.


Ruby Roberts


Annabelle Roseward
  • Annabelle loves all things creative – she is a singer, dancer, actress, and artist! As well as painting, she is passionate about Musical Theatre.

  • Annabelle studied a Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre) at WAAPA (the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts)

  • She is originally from Sydney, but moved to Melbourne after graduating from uni (in Perth!)

  • Her Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.

Simon De Boer
Basak Demirbas


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