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Paint for Fun are a young, innovative and exciting company that has made it a personal mission to make art accessible to all of you Melbourne peeps.

We will give you tools, actual techniques and the confidence to get creative. It’s time to restore faith in yourself and understand that art is not about “either you got it, or you don’t”.

“We are all born artists until we have been told we are not” (so said Picasso)

We don’t judge, put you down or make you feel like you are wrong. You will go home empowered, inspired and excited to start putting your old art supplies to good use.

Our instructors live and breathe Melbourne’s art and craft scene. We choose the artworks together according to trends, original ideas and fun concepts to get you excited and in love with art.


We hold events all month long at various venues, restaurants and studios around the city (such as Malvern East, Doncaster, Forest Hill, Port Melbourne, Richmond, St. Kilda and more…)

We use a variety of paints (including acrylic and watercolour) and art materials – but don’t worry! We provide you with everything you will need, just show up with your buddies or be ready to make some new pals while having a blast!

And at the end of class, you get to take home your own unique masterpiece.

Chloe Gunn
  • Chloe plays Ultimate Frisbee (and once nearly broke her nose)
  • She loves to ride her bike (she can ride with no hands and a true example to us all about sustainability!)
  • She has a degree in Applied Theatre (that’s why she’s such a smooth teacher, the world is her stage)
  • Chloe is also a zine writer, puppet maker and a bookbinder (nothing she can’t do, huh?!)
Michal Goldberg
  • Michal is a Master of Fine Art student, currently studies in RMI (and can teach so many arty things, will make your head spin)
  • She used to be a veterinary nurse (every animal lover’s dream, right?)
  • She makes things out of hard rubbish and leftovers (and writes in our blog about recycled art)
  • And she is also a pastry chef (yummy, how can we combine these in the classes? Edible paintings for everyone! No?)
Revi Carmel
  • Revi came to Australia in her 30’s and has a 7 years old daughter (you can see her sometimes in posts and videos, train them while they’re young…)
  • She’s an approved children’s educator and holds a diploma in After School Care (to be continued…)
  • Revi studied Set and Costume Design in London and was also Fashion Window Designer for 8 years
  • She 40% deaf (and hates wearing her hearing aids – so speak up!)
Livv Francavilla
  • she dabbles in all sorts of art- including tattooing – her artwork is walking all over the world
  • Is the most serious recycler and plastic warrior she knows.
  • Another cyclist!…. If she had a date on the moon she’d probably ride her bike there too
  • Loves a good riddle – if you’re up for a challenge, ask for one.  
Mike Rossow
  • Mike has a bachelor in fine art from Griffith University as well as a bachelor in art education. 
  • He taught art in outback Queensland for 10 years.
  • Mike is a qualified tattoo artist and works from Dangerzone Tattoo in Fitzroy. 
  • cats rule everything around Mike. 

Nikki Brazil Carter
  • Recently discovered my hidden talent and love for painting and teaching painting.
  • I Paint as often as I can in acrylic and oil paint, inspired by light and colour, some of my series: stormy skies, abstract florals and Senorita portraits.
  • Love teaching people how to  paint and inspiring people to discover their hidden talents.